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DC, SC, SINGEL We serve socks, narrow weaving, knitting and warp production companies with our various products. Our product range is as listed below and all kinds of numen studies are made and numen varieties are produced, the production is suitable for these varieties.

The product content is produced from synthetic, polyester, nylon, elastane and laykra combinations.

  • 13 Lycra+22/20F/1 Nylon66 - 16 Lycra+22/20F/1 Nylon66 - 22 Lycra+22/20F/1 Nylon66 - 13 Lycra+44/34F/1 Nylon66 - 22 Lycra+44/13F/1 Nylon6&66
  • 156 Elastan+44/13F/2 Nylon6&66
  • 156 Elastan+78/24F/2Nylon6&66
  • 640 Elastan+78/24F/2Nylon6&66
  • 940 Elastan+78/24F/2Nylon6&66
  • 940 Elastan+156/48F/2Nylon6&66
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  • Brand: USTALAR
  • Model: MKN 220

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